Tuck N' Roll Media: A Full-Service Video Production Facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

About Us

Chet Tucker


Chet Tucker is, in a phrase, a Professional Goofball! Chet believes in beingChet Tucker professional while having as much fun as possible. Chet has roughly 20 years of video production experience which has included almost every possible job imaginable in that field. From local tv commercial production to wedding videos to news & sports to shooting & editing national television series for major networks. In 2003, Chet graduated with honors from one of the nation's best film schools in the country, Full Sail. Chet has also received multiple awards for his work throughout the years, including his first national award in 2009, The John Ritter Legacy Award.

Chet TuckerChet loves the creative process from start to finish, but he is most passionate about post-production and the limitless possibilities of what you can create with the right hardware, software, education, and experience. He is constantly working to expand his knowledge of new technology and techniques. Chet says his favorite part of the job is bringing all of that together into a new client's experience.

Chet TuckerChet founded Tuck N' Roll Media in June of 2014 for the creative freedom that comes from owning your own business. In its first year, Tuck N' Roll Media created lasting relationships with clients like Community Coffee Company, Special Olympics of Louisiana, Otey White & Associates, The Advertising Federation of Baton Rouge, and many others.

Lens "Lenny" A. Focused

Mascot & General Punching Bag

Lenny graduated summa cum laude from the Lens A. FocusedMinneapolis College of Art & Design with a degree in Comic Book Art in 1994 and began his career by drawing self-portraits on men's bathroom doors across the United States.

Lens A. FocusedIn the middle of 2011, Lenny decided to take a few years off to ride every rollercoaster in the United States, only to quickly realize that he suffered from crippling vertigo. So he went back to what he knew best and began drawing more self-portraits of himself on government property. You've probably seen this phase of his work at construction sites and on signs that say things like "CAUTION: WET FLOOR", "CAUTION: FALLING ROCKS" and so on.

Lens A. FocusedAfter only a year of that kind of work, Lenny found that his back was really beginning to suffer from posing for those images. He was referred to a spine surgeon and while waiting for his first appointment he looked to his left and there was Chet Tucker. The two began talking about their various careers and a friendship was born. In June of 2014, when Chet offered Lenny a job as Tuck N' Roll Media's company mascot, Lenny couldn't refuse. The rest is history!

Lenny still has many ambitious goals he would like to accomplish someday such as: being the first confirmed UFO abductee, to be the first man on the moon (we're not sure how to tell him that one has already happened), and he would like to be the first ambassador to Bigfoot and his people. We're sure that with his experience and talents he'll do great things.