Tuck N' Roll Media: A Full-Service Video Production Facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Our Gear



Sony HXR-NX5U HD CameraThe NX5U is our first camera, and currently our go-to camera for video production. It films in full HD 720p or 1080i, up to 60fps in AVCHD format and it has two XLR inputs for audio. The NX5U can output HDMI and HD-SDI, which is great for broadcasting live presentations back to screens on either side of your stage. It even has a GPS built-in, not that we've ever had a need to use it, The time Lenny got lost looking for Bigfoot with our cameraexcept when Lenny gets lost in the woods trying to find Bigfoot. This camera has done an outstanding job as our main workhorse since we opened our doors in 2014.

Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter DroneTuck n' Roll Media has owned & operated drones for several years, but in the Fall of 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finally figured out a more efficient certification method for businesses when they instituted the Part 107 certification. We received our FAA certification in late March of 2017 and immediately purchased the top-of-the-line DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The P4P shoots in 4K resolution and records to several formats,Aerial image of the Louisiana State Capitol Building including the new h.265 format. The P4P blows its competition out of the air! It has 13 "intelligent flight" modes, which allow a pilot to focus on operating the camera rather than splitting the focus on flying and operating the camera. It also has collision avoidance on the front, back, both sides, and underneath. This drone is quite simply amazing, and the quality of the footage is breathtaking.

GoPro Cameras

GoPro Image of Chet Tucker underwater with full face mask.GoPro cameras have become a staple in the video production world since starting in 2004. Tuck N' Roll Media owns four GoPro cameras, and we love to use them whenever we can. The main benefit of a GoPro camera is, much like a drone, it can be placed in unique angles that regular cameras just can't reach. Plus, when in its housing, the GoPro is waterproof up to 120 feet!

Camera Gear & Accessories

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TeleprompterTeleprompters are great because they help you stay on-topic during long speeches; whether pre-recorded for a future presentation or during a live presentation. Our teleprompter uses an iPad with a teleprompter app paired to an iPhone to scroll the script while you talk. This remote pairing allows us to make quick edits to your script, should you need any.

Glidecam HD 2000

Lenny modeling our Glidecam HD 2000The Glidecam is a very special piece of camera gear we use when a shot requires quick, but steady, movement that you can't get from a dolly or a tripod. It's operated by hand, but is too heavy for longer shoots. That's why we also own a belly pod, which is a shoulder strap and belt which helps to center the weight on your body.

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Sennheiser Wireless Microphones

Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A Omni-Directional EW SystemSennheiser is one of the most well-known names in audio recording. Tuck N' Roll Media owns two wireless lavalier microphones and two transmitter/receivers which we've used for live presntations, on-camera interviews, and so on.

Samson Handheld Wireless Microphones

Samson UM1/77 Handheld Wireless MicrophoneWe've owned this handheld wireless microphone and receiver since we opened our doors in 2014. We also have a podium mic stand for it, when necessary.

Blue Microphones Large Diaphragm Cardoid Condenser Microphone

Blue Microphones - Bluebird Large Diaphragm Cardoid Condenser MicrophoneAnother cool piece of equipment we've had since day one is this beautiful Blue condenser microphone. Chet uses it whenever a commercial or documentary needs voice talent. Lenny just uses it to pretend he's Elvis...

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LS Tungsten Fresnel Lights

LS Tungsten Fresnels(1) 300W Tungsten Fresnel
(1) 650W Tungsten Fresnel
(2) 1K Tungsten Fresnels

That time Lenny modeled under all of our lights for us...hehehehehe!

EP Softbox Lights

EP Softbox Lights(1) 5500K Softbox Lighting
(2) 2750K Softbox Lighting


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We have 3 different kinds of colored backdrops for different needs:
Each of these is 10' x 12'. Most of the time people prefer to use the green screen so they can add whatever background they wish, but we have used the other two for very specific purposes. Obviously, we have stands for these backdrops.


Every video production house worth their salt owns at least a few of these versatile stands. C-Stands are made of metal and can hold a significant amount of weight so they're used for light stands, flags (cloth that blocks out a portion of light), reflectors, etc. They can even provide shade on a hot & day for those important clients.

Reflectors, Flags, & Sandbags

As the name suggests, reflectors bounce light to a location when it's impractical or impossible to place a light in a certain spot, but you really need it. Flags, as desribed above, are used to block light from a light source whenever/wherever needed. Lastly, sandbags are just used to help weigh down a top-heavy C-Stand when you've loaded it with heavy equipment.

Well, that's it! You really read all that, huh? Good job!

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