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February 6, 2019

All The News That's Fit To Upload!

Okay, so updating a blog on a regular basis is harder than it looks at first blush. TNR will try from here on to keep you informed of what we're doing on this page. So, please, keep coming back!

One thing that is new, is that my FAA certification for flying drones is going to expire in late March. Studying has begun; hopefully, not in vain. New clients are popping up all the time. Tuck N' Roll Media recently secured a couple of video projects with a local law enforcement agenty - more on that later. We've created a great working relationship with American Audio & Video to film live events for them. And lastly, Tuck N' Roll Media has been hired to fly drones monthly for a government contractor called "ELA" which is in the process of expanding the Louisiana National Cemetery in Zachary, Louisiana.

As time permits, I'm working on several new drone demo reels. Hopefully, those will be done in the next week or two.

Thanks for checking in and, as always, LET'S ROLL!

July 18, 2017

The New Website & Blog Is Up!

After about a month of coding & editing & Photoshopping & embedding of videos, I finally have the new website up and running! This new website will now load faster and is more detailed than previous versions. Of course, I'll be updating it a lot of the next few weeks and months to make it even better. Take a minute and let me know what you think!